Vipre is a cost-effective option for people who need an antivirus solution to cover multiple PCs. It’s easy to set up and comes with a personal firewall that takes malware protection to a whole new level.

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This password manager isn’t created by Webroot, but offered through a partnership with LastPass. Webroot’s identity shield works in the background and is tied into its web and phishing protection. It will block websites that steal your data, as well as protect you from websites that are compromised and are running malicious scripts.

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We recommend firewall protection from McAfee® Total Protection. This program allows you to safeguard your devices and block hackers from accessing your home network system. It includes a two-way firewall that filters both incoming and outgoing traffic, as well as protection for all your devices, your identity and your data, protecting you at home and on the go. Hardware firewalls provide essential security for the Internet of Things , like smart thermostats and smart light bulbs.

I have used Telair’s MyCloud PBX for a number of years and have found the lines to be excellent quality, the Telair support to be quick, efficient and accessible. Zoom Phone works with desk phones from Polycom and Yealink and integrates with contact center products from Five9 and Twilio.

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Whether you’re projecting onto a white, smooth wall or adding an Ultra Short Throw projector screen to your setup, you’ll experience brilliant, theater-quality entertainment with The Premiere. Experience immersive detail from any angle with the 120-inch wide screen, while crystal 4K resolution provides staggeringly crisp images and optimized color expression. • Cutting-edge laser technology and 4K resolution deliver cinema-like picture and contrast with 2200 lumens.

After digging my old Chromecast Ultra out of the closet and connecting it to the M2e, it vastly improved the user experience. I was even able to power it off the USB port on the back of the projector. The ViewSonic M2e supports screen mirroring and shows up in the cast menu when you tap the cast icon in apps. Unfortunately, I was left with a neverending loading screen whenever I attempted to use it.

It’s also plenty versatile with connections, whether you want to hook up your smart phone, laptop, or streaming stick. These models are more likely to be part of a proper home theatre setup, though many are small enough to be stored in a drawer and brought out just for movie night. The reason for the wide variety in price is the technology used and the brightness of the projected image. This is the most exciting category at the moment with the arrival of ultra short throw projectors that deliver 4K HDR video that can be shown in a room that doesn’t have to be totally dark to enjoy the experience. Samsung’s SP-LSP9TFAXZA ultra short throw projector is one of the best performing options available out there. One of the best things about this projector is that you get a 130-inch screen size out of a pretty low throw distance of just 9.37 inch.

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A compact and lightweight portable projector that projects full 1080p images and has Google TV built right in. The TV has 120 local dimming zones, which it can dynamically dim and highlight based on what you’re watching to make the contrast between dark and light parts of a scene more realistic. In some cases you can turn this feature off, but it’s something you have to opt out of, not opt into. A relatively new technology called HDR is another major technical feature that separates TVs and projectors. Video shot and encoded with HDR will have significantly more life-like colors and shadows, and while both the TV and projector we recommend support this feature, TVs get the edge. One of the biggest differences between TVs and projectors is their screen size. As the UST projector category evolves over the next year or two, the above issues might become a thing of the past, but for now we think you have better options for most situations.